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Solar Panel Setup in Savannah, GA

Tired of the neverending Georgia Power rate increases? Those surprising summer bills? Now’s the time to talk solar. Savannah Solar Power offers premier solar setups in Savannah, GA. Get a Sun Report Today!


What Do We Observe Before Installation?

  • Expense Calculation
  • Determining the System Size Needed for Your Home
  • Roof Measurement Report
  • Approved Permits  


Expense Calculation

Before installing solar panels, it is crucial to calculate the cost of the type and size of the system that has to be installed.

Solar Panel Installation in Savannah, GA

Our experts do this task for the customer’s convenience; therefore, after the calculation, they arrange a brief session with the customer to inform him of the amount of money he will have to pay for the installation procedure, including the subsidy offered by the USA Government. Once the communication is done, the experts move forward with Solar Panel Installation in Savannah, GA.


System’s Size

The size of the system depends upon the wattage of the electrical appliances that must be used regularly. So, our solar panel installers calculate how many hours the appliances will use on a daily basis. In this way, it gets easier to recommend the battery and wire size needed. Also, the correct measurement will prevent the wires from overheating and help to transfer maximum power to the batteries.


Perks of Hiring Savannah Solar Power Company

  • Mount Placement
  • PV Panel Installation in Savannah GA
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Connection Development between System and PV Inverter
  • PV Inverter and PV Battery Linkage
  • Connection Creation between PV Inverter and Grid
  • PV Inverter Commencement


Mount Placement

We install our high-quality mounts to support the panels. But in this case, professionals ask for the customer’s preference on whether they want to get a ground-mounted or a flush-mounted PV panel. We often recommend the type of mounting to the client on our own as well because, in some cases, only a particular mount can be installed on the property. Then we move toward determining which direction the PV module should face so that they get the maximum amount of sunlight and produce enough electricity.

Only then does the purpose of solar panel installation in Savannah, GA get fulfilled. Then, we keep the structure slightly tilted for conversion efficiency after deciding on an ideal angle between 18-36 degrees. Are you searching for competent solar panel installers near me? Ring us a bell today.


PV Panel Installation in Savannah GA

To install solar panels, we tightly fix them with the mounting structure. It is always made sure by the experts that nuts and bolts are of high quality so that they do not rust and lose their grip easily shortly. And with proper care, the whole system is fixed on the mounting to stay sturdy and long-lasting.


Electrical Wiring

Solid electric wiring can only be done if the standard of connectors is high. That is why our professionals use premium-quality universal connectors that easily connect with all sorts of PV modules. Afterward, we develop an electrical link between all the panels in series or parallel connections.


Connection Development between System and PV Inverter

It is essential to be assured which wire of the PV module should be connected to which terminal of the inverter to develop a stable connection between the system and the PV inverter. Our professionals are extremely experienced at this. So, do not worry about the cost of solar panel installation in Savannah GA, and connect with us now to get reliable services from our experts at reasonable rates.


PV Inverter and PV Battery Linkage

We also implement the same procedure in this step because we carefully determine which terminal of the battery should be connected to the inverter to ensure the efficient performance of the entire system. Additionally, the contractors always install a battery to store the electricity backup. So, we are a perfect choice if you want the best solar panel installation near me.


Connection Creation between PV Inverter and Grid

Now it is time for your house to get ample electricity from the PV module. Hence, the experts connect a normal plug with the main power switchboard to create a link between the PV inverter and the grid. Then, the electricity is supplied to the property after joining an output wire to the board.


PV Inverter Commencement

Lastly, we switch the inverter on from the main switchboard and usually recommend that the PV inverter has a digital display so that it gets feasible for the customer to know how much electricity is being generated and used by the PV panel. But to make sure that the Solar Panel Installation is successful, the whole system is working fine, and there are no shortcomings in it, the PV panel is evaluated by us for a few hours so that the occurrence of any defect in the near future does not create any troublesome situation for the customer.

Additionally, for customer satisfaction to ensure safety, we install a small camera at the location to analyze the network’s progress. If any abnormality in the system is observed, our experts run to fix it as soon as possible.


Affordable Solar Panel Installation in Savannah, GA

Generally, the solar panel installation cost is very high, but Savannah Solar Solutions cares about its customers a lot, and that is why the installation charges are not that high, and we are providing our services at super affordable rates. Please do not worry about the cost of installing solar panels, and call us right now to get more details.


About Us!

Do not just think about how are solar panels installed, and get in touch with Savannah Solar Power right away because the services are provided 24 hours a day by this solar company, and you can contact us on both weekdays and weekends because we do not take a day off and are always available to assist our customers whenever they want to. So, what are you waiting for? Please pick up your phone and dial our number for Solar Panel Installation in Savannah, GA immediately. Moreover, our company provides the following services:

Our mission is to make solar energy accessible with simple solutions that are as good for the wallet as they are for the environment.

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