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Solar Battery Installation in Savannah, GA

Is the winter season going on, and the clouds have completely covered the sun? It is worrisome if you have a solar energy system in your home. But this is the time to relax now because Savannah Solar Solutions has installed high-class batteries in the properties by proficient professionals for the last several years. Our Solar Battery Installation in Savannah, GA is always up-to-the-mark, and we have excelled in many projects.

Our Solar Battery Installation Process:

  • Searching the Right Location
  • Checking the PV Modules
  • Guiding the Customers with Daily Energy Usage
Solar Battery Installation in Savannah, GA

Searching the Right Location

Due to an experience of more than a decade, our team knows that there is a wide range of batteries, and they act differently in various situations. For example, some batteries can be used indoors only because their charging and discharging get affected if placed somewhere outdoors. Hence, to install solar battery, the professionals analyze the property first and then choose an appropriate spot for placing it according to the accumulator that can work the best there.


Checking the PV Modules

For a successful Solar Battery Installation in Savannah, GA, it is crucial to check the PV modules. So, our experts assess the entire network thoroughly to confirm if the wiring has been done so that they can directly go for accumulator placement. Because if this is not the case, they initially set the wiring accordingly and then move forward with installing solar battery.


Guiding the Customer with Daily Energy Usage

After solar panel installation, usually, the customer does not have a clear idea about the daily energy used by his appliances, so he decides to buy only a single accumulator. Our professionals observe all the appliances and the energy they consume on a daily basis. Afterward, they communicate with the customer to familiarize him with the actual power usage; this makes it easier for him to decide whether to go for one battery or more.

Furthermore, keeping his budget in mind, he decides which appliances are the most important and must be connected to the accumulator. In this way, it becomes transparent what should be done next, which helps both the customer and us to proceed smoothly. So, whether you are looking for solar panel installation near me or need an accumulator installed, ring us a bell today.


Why Choose Savannah Solar Power Company?

Anyone looking for solar battery installation in Savannah GA should choose us due to following reasons:


  • Wiring
  • Series and Parallel Solar Battery Installation
  • Uninterrupted Energy Supply
  • No Disturbance
  • Long-lasting Product
  • 24-hour Availability



The kind of conductor can judge the wiring of power solar panels because the cable’s thickness depends upon the system’s current. Our experts always come up with an ideal size of wires and thicken them for safeguarding purposes; this is done to handle the current effects in the future in case the customer buys any high current device that he plans to run on a solar panel power.

In this way, connecting a heavy device does not affect the network or cause any damage to it, and it works all the time smoothly. Do you want to have perfect wiring for Solar Battery Installation in Savannah, GA? Call us now!


Series and Parallel Solar Battery Installation

We do both parallel and series Solar Battery Installation in Savannah, GA. Our professionals link negative connections with the wires, battery, and PV modules for parallel arrangement. And the same method is implemented by them for positive terminals. Keeping parallel installation a priority is because it adds additional capacity to the system.

On the other hand, for series installation, they utilize MPPT modules to efficiently work the accumulator. The team is so competent that they perform their job right even if they are asked to connect an 8kw solar system with batteries.


Uninterrupted Energy Supply

Our batteries are so efficient that they have few to no chances of stopping. They fulfill their purpose amazingly and keep your lights on and phones charged all the time, no matter whether there is cloudy weather or a blackout in the area. You can even charge any electronic gadget like iPad, tablet, or power bank with solar panel battery as well. Moreover, as they tend to coordinate well with the efficiency of the solar panel installation roof wiring, they never disappoint with their performance.


No Disturbance

One of the amazing features of the accumulators is that they do not make any noise. So, suppose at night, a power outage occurs, and appliances in the home are shifted to the accumulator’s energy storage. In that case, it will not disturb them while supplying energy. So, get the Solar Battery Installation in Savannah, GA from us and sleep peacefully with a fan or cooler on.


Long-lasting Product

Suppose you are hesitant to buy a battery, thinking it might not last long and your investment will be wasted. In that case, we assure you that we will fulfill your expectations if you buy the product from Savannah Solar Solutions. There is a wide range of premium-quality batteries, and you can choose the one you need.

The batteries’ formation is done so they do not lose their strength within only a few months. Instead, they work efficiently for many years; this saves money and keeps the customer away from every other day’s accumulator replacement issues. So, without wasting a minute, give us a call and book your order now.


24-hour Availability

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and if you want the battery will be delivered to your place the same day, and if you want to get it installed immediately, emergency installation services will be provided. Both the installation procedure and the product are available at very economical rates, so do not take the stress of paying a huge amount and take advantage of quality services that are being offered in a budget-friendly way. Also, feel free to contact us anytime 24/7. Moreover, our company provides the following services:

Our mission is to make solar energy accessible with simple solutions that are as good for the wallet as they are for the environment.

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