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EV Charger Installation Service in Savannah, GA

An electric vehicle can never perform well if its battery is not properly charged. Are you also facing such an issue with your car’s battery? Do not panic because Savannah Solar Solutions has a team of experts who have been providing modern EV Charger Installation Service in Savannah, GA, for several years.


Our EV Charger Installation Process:

  • Send a Certified Electrician
  • Confirmation of Arrival Time
  • Home Eligibility Evaluation
  • Assuring the Space in the Electrical Panel
  • Purchasing a Level 2 Adaptor
  • EV Adaptor Placement
EV Charger Installation Service in Savannah

Send a Certified Electrician

It is part of our policy that we hire only certified people related to our field, and that is why whenever we get an order for home EV charger installation, a certified electrician is sent for the completion of the task because the whole process is quite technical and only a person who is well-trained and has in-depth knowledge of the procedure can be an ideal choice.

We never compromise on the quality of our work and keep customers’ satisfaction on priority; therefore, the most appropriate worker is sent to provide EV Charger Installation Service in Savannah, GA.


Confirmation of Arrival Time

Our EV charger installation electrician always confirms the arrival time with the customers in advance so that they do not feel disturbed and get the adaptor installed at a time that is the most feasible for them.

Also, we feel it is essential because, at times, the property experiences power outrage or low voltages, which makes it very tough to determine whether the place is eligible for the BEV adaptor or not, and the further procedure of installation cannot be continued without performing this step.


Home Eligibility Evaluation

As soon as the professional arrives at your place, he will first check the home’s eligibility to install a BEV adaptor. It is because the EV charger installation can only be done if the house’s electricity system can operate the adaptor well. If upgrading is required, you do not have to worry because we will guide you about obtaining the permit from the local electricity association so that your property’s electrical system becomes eligible for further processing.

The method is just like getting permission for AC installation, so it will not be so tiring or lengthy. And when a customer avails of our EV Charger Installation Service in Savannah, GA, he never faces any inconvenience.


Assuring the Space in the Electrical Panel

The circuit breaker of the BEV adaptor is quite heavy; therefore, it is crucial to confirm that there is enough space in the electrical panel to accommodate it. Our expert will assist you in this situation and ensure that the electrical panel becomes capable of handling the entire load. So, do you want a hassle-free EV charger service? Connect with us now!


Purchasing a Level 2 Adaptor

Buying a Level 2 charger from a well-known brand is crucial because if you try to save your upfront cost, there is a high chance that you will have to face some serious safety issues regarding the house’s electrical system and the EV charger. We also give this option to the customer that if he wants, he can buy the adaptor from us because Savannah Solar Solutions has a wide range of premium-quality BEV chargers that can be bought at super affordable rates.

Also, they are guaranteed to work longer and save you and your family from any electricity-related danger. Are you searching for a top-class EV charger installation near me? We are the best option available.


EV Adaptor Placement

The task of an EV install requires skilled and trained hands. It involves several steps to install it. Initially, our electrician fit the point on the wall or, in some cases, on the brick or another suitable structure. Then, he clipped a black cable between the electric supply meter and the adaptor point he had previously fixed in some structure. He will route the cable through a drilled hole in the wall, then evaluate whether the point’s electric connections are stable or not, as it is imperative for its safety and ideal performance.

Finally, the professional will install circuit protection and conceal the interior wiring with a plastic conduit to prevent harm. So, if you want an experience EV charger installation company, call us now.


Emergency EV Charger Installation in Savvanah GA

If you need an emergency EV Charger Installation service, there is no problem because we are available for the clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Feel free to call us whenever you want, whether it is Sunday or Monday. And we will ensure you experience great and untroubled services from us. So, without wasting any further time, please pick up the phone, dial our number, and get a quote immediately.


Our Experts Follow Different Steps for EV Charger Installation

  • To ensure a successful EV Charger Installation Service in Savannah, GA, experts here will never locate the adaptor point in some random area other than the off-street parking one. We fit it at a particular height so that it gets easier for the vehicle to hit it.
  • Since some sensitive parts like taking a permit from the local electricity department are involved in the process, we always communicate with the customers well to avoid any future inconvenience.
  • We never run the cable under floorboards or ducts because it can put the customer into problems like restoration of the damaged areas.


EV Charger Installation Cost in Savvanah GA

The EV Charger Installation Service in Savannah, GA is available at very economical rates, so do not take stress about paying heavy amounts as we do not charge even a single extra penny for the whole procedure. But this does not mean there is some compromise on the quality; it is the culture of Savannah Solar Solutions that quality services are provided to the customers at fair prices. Moreover, we provide the following services:

Our mission is to make solar energy accessible with simple solutions that are as good for the wallet as they are for the environment.

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