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Commercial Solar Installation in Savannah, GA

Have you decided to flourish your business by adding a commercial solar energy system? You are in the right spot now. Savannah Solar Solutions has a competent team of professionals skilled at commercial solar installation in Savannah, GA. The projects they have completed prove their in-depth knowledge of their field.


The Steps that We Must Follow:

  • Site Analyzing
  • System Outlining
  • Establishment
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
commercial solar installation in Savannah, GA

Site Analyzing

Our commercial solar installer evaluates the commercial site before moving forward with the project, and the reason behind this is that it helps to create appropriate solar design and installation plans for the business. On the other hand, a commercial solar installation in Savannah, GA always involves some legal matters, like ensuring that one has the legal right to add a PV module to the property. And in this case, our experts become a helping hand and guide you in the best way possible, which makes it easier for you to deal with legal issues.

Another major reason why we never skip the step of site analysis is that it supports us in determining how a connection can be made between the PV system and a grid efficiently. On the other hand, if the property has many floors and the network has to be placed on the last one, we can assess the topographical features through site evaluation.


System Outlining 

Once our professionals finish formalizing the designs and installation plans, they send the customer a PDF file of the commercial solar installation contract, in which the whole plan is sketched perfectly. It tells how the panels will be arranged, how it is confirmed that they will capture maximum sunlight, and how the entire construction will be executed.

Also, the experts always give importance to the customer’s preferences, so they ask him if he wants to go with a roof-mounted network or a ground-mounted one. Do you also want to get commercial solar installation in Savannah, according to your choices? Ring us a bell today.



The commercial solar installation process is quite technical, so the construction’s duration depends on the project’s type and the system’s size. But there is nothing to worry about because we ensure we wind up the whole project as soon as possible while not compromising quality.

Our experts usually take 2-3 weeks for small rooftops, whereas the big or complex ones take a few months. We guarantee that once the entire is established, it will be pleasing to the eyes and, most importantly, productive.



It is a short and simple but quite crucial step of commercial solar installation in Savannah, GA. After the construction, our PV providers inform the customer that the system has been installed properly and according to the plan.

Moreover, at this time, they advise the most convenient ways through which he can easily get permission from the utility to connect the system with a local power grid and operate it with its support. Bingo! The commercial building solar installation is done.



Do you want your commercial solar PV panels to have a longer lifespan? Then, we are an ideal choice for you. Savannah Solar Solutions not only record the performance of the PV modules in the initial days of project completion but also arrange annual inspection sessions. These sessions are arranged biannually, and our team thoroughly analyzes the system to ensure there is no defect in it or there are no chances for any fault to occur shortly.

In case they detect any flaw, there is great news – we offer warranty repairs too. So, if the warranty period continues, we will fix the issue without charging money. But if the situation is the opposite, there is no need to take stress because the reparation cost of commercial solar installation in Savannah, GA is not that high, and we do it at very economical rates.


Benefits of Our Commercial Solar Service

  • Battery Backup
  • Enhancement of the Property’s Value
  • Affordable Commercial Solar Installation in Savannah, GA


Battery Backup

Suppose, despite having premium quality PV modules planted in the business property, suddenly you have to face a power outage – it is not a good feeling, right? A bit of unfortunate news is that it can happen due to the backend local arrangements. But do not drop the idea of placing PV modules in the property due to this because we are here with a perfect solution.

When we do the commercial solar installation in Savannah, GA, a battery backup is also attached to the system because grid-tied systems can go offline due to the electricity’s absence in the local power lines. The battery installation makes the network a micro-grid, and the electricity is continuously produced and used throughout the property without any inconvenience.


Enhancement of the Property’s Value

Since a commercial PV module is an asset in itself, it really helps in increasing the value of the business property. Suppose, one day, you want to sell the property; the installed system will make it easier for you to sell it at the rate of your choice. Also, it will compel the client to pay more because after paying the huge upfront cost, he will generate his electricity, so it will not be that tough for you to crack a profitable deal. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us now, and we will install advanced commercial PV modules on your business property.


Affordable Commercial Solar Installation in Savannah, GA

Our PV modules provide the customer’s organization an opportunity to have a power-generating asset that is not only an accessible and prevalent energy source but also super affordable. We make it possible for the companies to become their energy suppliers so that they do not waste money on excessive electricity bills. So, just forget about the commercial solar panel cost calculator, and start counting the money you can save with this amazing energy source. Moreover, our company provides the following services:

Our mission is to make solar energy accessible with simple solutions that are as good for the wallet as they are for the environment.

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